A summary of the services offered by Mandolin Creek Systems

About Our Services

Mandolin Creek Systems provides a variety of consulting services for small businesses.

Open Source

We use Linux and Open Source software exclusively on our hosted servers and for our own development. We encourage our clients to contribute to those projects, if only by allowing to send our improvements to the maintainers for integration into the next release. We also encourage clients to release new works under Open Source terms, though we evaluate each such opportunity carefully.

Conversely, we will turn down projects that require "too much" closed development. Our limits are reflected in both the technology and platforms that we choose to support.

Supported Platforms

We can provide support for the following systems:

  • Linux hosted servers
  • Linux workstations
  • iOS applications (limited to select apps)

Conversely, we expressly do not provide direct support for the following systems:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Android

If you need support for those systems, we can work with other consultants to provide a complete support solution.

Preferred Technologies

Programming Languages:

  • Scripting (Python/Perl/shell)
  • C/C++/asm (gcc)
  • autotools/make