A summary of the products offered by Mandolin Creek Systems

About Our Products

Mandolin Creek Systems develops custom software solutions, and some of those become first class products that we can begin to offer to other clients.

System Helpers

Mandolin Creek Systems developed the Mandolin Creek System Helpers (MCSH) package to provide in-house network services for Mandolin Creek Village. This package provides the foundation for our Paperless Office product (below), but we also offer consulting and development services for businesses that want to use this package in-house.

Paperless Office 

Mandolin Creek Systems can provide businesses in the Mandolin Creek Incubator program with a custom integrated Paperless Office system, similar to those running this website. This package includes hosting services that run all of the software required to manage and operate your business.

We customize your deployment for your current and future needs, and we work with your current technical staff to migrate any existing data into your new systems. We provide classroom-based training for system administrators, managers, and users through Mandolin Creek Academy.

This package includes a set number of hours for development, customization, and support each month. This ensures that your site remains up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.