Rural Business Management

Information about Rural Business Management add-ons

The Mandolin Creek Rural Business Management add-ons will provide domain-specific tool and workflow integration, automation, and management for vertically-integrated rural businesses. This includes tools for managing records, operations, and resources for custom classes of business assets.

Rural Business Units

Mandolin Creek Systems focuses development on Rural Business Management add-ons that serve members of Mandolin Creek Village.


The Farmshare add-on will provide support for owner share management, order tracking, generating pick-lists, managing delivery agents, customer contact, incident reporting, and more.


The Agriculture add-on will provide support for agricultural supply chains, from seeds, crops, harvests, processing, package, storage, and distribution.


The Livestock add-on will provide support for housing, raising, breeding, and processing of diverse animals.


The Dairy add-on will provide support for tracking, labeling, and distributing safe milk.


The Fiber add-on will provide support for fiber production, from fleeces to yarn.


The Timber add-on will provide support for planting, thinning, harvesting, milling, and related forest management activities.


The Makerspace add-on will provide support for scheduling, programming, and automating different kinds of CNC machines, 3D printers, and other maker tools, along with the many layers of firmware and software systems required for everything from design through production.