Paperless Office

Information about Mandolin Creek Paperless Office products

Mandolin Creek Paperless Office

The Mandolin Creek Paperless Office provides an organization's workers, managers, and administrators with powerful tools for generating, storing, and sharing documents internally, with clients, other organizations, and the public.


The Paperless Office product can provide assistance with critical document handling workflows:

  1. Generation
    1. Paper - Converts hard copies of documents to digital
    2. Online - Permits online generation of documents.
  2. Organization 
    1. Indexing - Indexes all documents to enable powerful search tools
    2. Revision Control - Retains past versions of all documents
  3. Access
    1. Web - Uses modern, accessible, reactive, mobile-friendly technologies
    2. Security - Permits the creation of fine-grain access control lists
  4. Manipulation
    1. Editing - Includes a web-based  WYSIWYG editor
    2. Conversion - Integrates a variety of tools for converting between document format


The Mandolin Creek System Helpers product provides the software that powers our Paperless Office products.

Office Extensions

Our Paperless Office product provides a platform for developing domain-specific extensions. Like the Paperless Office itself, these extensions integrate and automate disparate systems in order to solve common solutions and workflows for those domains.

Business Extensions

Operating any kind of business requires expertise in a number of different domains. Every business that operates in Mandolin Creek Village requires expertise with the following domains, simply in order to operate as business:

  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Personnel
  • Marketing
  • Sales/Billing
  • Front Office

Many businesses require other common domain expertise:

  • E-commerce

Mandolin Creek Village can offer its members businesses assistance in these common operational areas, delivered by corresponding domain-specific extensions to the Mandolin Creek System Helpers and Paperless Office products.

Legal Office

Mandolin Creek Legal Office product provides an administrative and legal team with workflow tools that assist with document retention and production.

Accounting Office

Mandolin Creek Accounting Office provides bookkeeping and auditing tools, allowing integration and automation of accounting processes into other extensions.

Personnel Office

Mandolin Creek Personnel Office provides personnel recruitment, retention, conflict resolution, and other tools needed for maintaining a professional, enjoyable, and safe workplace for employees.

Billing Office

Mandolin Creek Billing Office provides tools for tracking costs, billable hours, invoices, and other information related to customers sales.

Front Office

Mandolin Creek Front Office provides tools for generating and closing sale, including marketing, promotions (print, email, web, partners), lead tracking, and so forth.

Electronic Commerce

Mandolin Creek Electronic Commerce provides tools for managing point of sales through online shopping cart integration, telephone automation, and more.