Script Modules

Information about Mandolin Creek System Helpers script modules

System Helpers Script Modules

The Mandolin Creek System Helpers (MCSH) scripts are divided into modules that cluster various kinds of functionality.

Development Environment

MCSH Development Environment scripts provide capabilities for building, documenting, packaging, publishing, and installing MCSH-based packages.

Build Systems

MCSH Build Systems automate the development, production, testing, and deployment of portable, relocatable, OS-independent, native software solutions.

User Interface

Mandolin Creek User Interface (MCUI) scripts provide a portable user interface library for Bash scripts.

Host Tool Support

MCSH Host Tool Support scripts encapsulate individual executable commands, encapsulating the often oblique command line arguments into literate functional interfaces. When present for a given script group, the Host Tool Support scripts often can be found in a tool subdirectory.

System Support

MCSH System Support scripts provide capabilities for deploying and managing multiple clouds of heterogeneous physical and virtual hosts. These scripts utilize the Mandolin Creek User Interface to provide interactivity.

Network Support

MCSH Network Support scripts automate and manage network clients and servers. These scripts can be used to roll out a complete deployment of new domain names, utilizing the User Interface and System Support modules.

Customer Support

MCSH Customer Support scripts can establish and maintain good customer relationships. These scripts provide end-users with friendly support tools (via MCUI), access your own organization's secure cloud-based support servers (managed using System Support scripts), and connect to your own internal support services (operated using Network Support scripts). 

Customer Support features include e-mail contact, screen capture and sharing, a secure user-initiated remote support access (SSH, VNC, VPN), and more.