Information about Mandolin Creek System Helpers extensions

System Helpers Extensions

The Mandolin Creek System Helpers (MCSH) package provides a large number of libraries and tools. Sometimes, certain areas of functionality may need to be implemented in different ways, in order to utilize mutually exclusive technologies or policies.

A MCSH extension library provides generic interfaces that utilize interchangeable extension interfaces. These extension implementation libraries can be referred to as extension backends or simply backends.

The Mandolin Creek User Interface (MCUI) scripts provide a portable user interface library for Bash scripts, with an interface to backend scripts that interact with the user using a variety of input and display mechanisms.

Custom Extensions

These extensions have been implemented in-house but serve as prototypes for the general system. The debut of alterative workflows and tools in MCSH depends solely on the availability of sufficient resources to finish implementing them. Clients that sponsor development of an extension help prioritize what parts of the MCSH architecture receives attention. We are looking for clients willing to work with us to extend the system in countless directions.